My NZ flag design


So there has been a lot of public debate (esp online) about this. Those who know me understand I’m a passionate supporter of anything kiwi & I love my country.

Am I happy the govt is spending $26 Million on this referendum? NO! There are cheaper ways to handle this I believe, plus plenty of other things we could use that money for absolutely!

Im also aware how much value a good brand can bring to the table, and NZ has changed so much in the past 100 yrs. NZ is no longer “Britan’s little garden”, but now a fully multicultural society operating at a global level for our financial survival.

However, I have learnt that if you have an opinion, put it out there with your name on it & back yourself. Best to do that than sit behind the anonymity of a screen and complain.

The problem’s we face in NZ are not “a lack of a cool flag that looks unique”, it goes far beyond that. It is the sense of pride we associate with calling ourselves “kiwi”& how we behave accordingly. Turn on the telly & you see teenagers binge drinking, swearing at the police, theft and small minded littering on the streets, late night brawl over silly things.. we need an identity shake up more now than ever before!

Im all for inspiring others to aim higher, think smarter, live better and here is 5 key points what I think it means for me to be a kiwi:

1. We are a Pacific nation. Hence the navy blue under the stars, and the fern protruding into the sea.

2. We are a peace keeping nation. The softer/rounder fern shape also resembles the peace symbol of an Olive branch, plus our serviceman sacrificed lives in the wars under this silver fern emblem. Look at any ANZAC headstone at Gallipoli.

3. We look directly up at the Southern Cross constellation. This was used by previous generations to navigate here

4. We integrated with our indigenous predecessors. This is why I have chosen the Red / White colours mixing in in the spine of the fern

5. Red / White / Blue are strong branding colours, and show boldness as we punch well above our weight in global politics, economics, education, tourism, environmental, sports and art. 

Click HERE for the flag design guidelines. Have a go. Deadline’s for submission are July 16.