If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be releasing my own book, I would have laughed in their face. Well 30,000 words later, a bit older, a little bit wiser – it has actually happened!

I have since met some people who have also written a book and have said they would like to do the same.

So here is what I learnt in 10 easy steps:

  1. Start by making the table of contents.
  2. Write a bit about each heading in a word doc.
  3. Think beginning, middle & end.
  4. Use pics to help describe the story. Even if it’s not a true story, this will help visually generate ideas.
  5. Don’t get hung up on punctuation etc initially. Plenty of time for that later once you chop it up.
  6. Don’t tell everyone on facebook you are writing as a way of promoting it. It will only distract you from your core task.
  7. Once it is at a stage to get feedback, email it to one person you like & trust. Tell them to edit to suit and highlight changed text.
  8. Keep it short, sharp & shiny. It’s not about the amount of words here.. it is the quality of the arrangement of words.
  9. Give the reader some room to fill in the spaces. Eg you don’t need to include EVERY detail.
  10. Use Amazon Kindle Publishing framework for digital versions & find a local publisher for print versions. Amazon create space print quality sucks. I used Copy Press in NZ who were amazing.

Don’t rush it, but notice when you are in the zone and content is flowing naturally (make the most of these times) eg turn off your phone, drink coffee, find out your most productive time in the day. It might be after exercise, or before the kids wake up. Know that you are leaving behind a legacy, and that it is a very worthwhile exercise – even if it is not commercial.

Even if it doesn’t get finished, I’m sure you will find the process enjoyable and satisfying. My book was an autobiography, so this style of writing is like re living the adventures all over again and you will be amazed at what you remember.

Cover artwork is important. I used royalty free images from Shutterstock. I used plenty of my own photos and rounded the corners with Photoshop to give the overall “retro” look. I sell most of my books at gigs & from my website store where I add value by combining other products at a reduced price. Check it out HEREĀ