If you have a web presence going on with your business, you will soon discover that different clients have unique expectations of communication. There are times when projects get stressful and sometimes ppl get heated in the moment.

Here are a few scenarios below and how to negotiate this wonderful minefield!

The Hound dog: These ppl email you at the drop of a hat, it’s a way of thinking out loud for them. It might feel like you are being shouted at & initially make you feel angry. They might rarely pick up the phone ever, but the emails just keep coming! How do you keep connected without having a nervous breakdown?

  1. Take the time to put the title of what the email is about in the title line, so you can easily search in in your piles of emails. As opposed to hit reply to every email they send.
  2. Lead the way in tidy communication. Be a leader, show by example how you would like the transaction to take place.
  3. Understand some ppl will respond to fb chat, some in gmail chat, some by email, text and some like the good old fashioned phone call / face to face meeting.  Ask yourself “What is their ideal channel of communication?”  Young ppl love fb chat. You can see when someone has read the message easily & syncs nicely with the phone so they can answer questions on the fly.
  4. Dropbox is great for sharing files so ppl can access from a central point – as opposed to attaching a large file which not only takes time to upload, it can destroy inboxes that have a minimum file size limit.


The Hot head: Sometimes the heat is on! If you find yourself getting worked up over an email that may be offensive or come across like it’s hostile.

  1. Take some time to vent it out in a blank email. DON’T send it for God’s sake!  Respond in a concise manner the following day. Use bullet points, or answer the email in a diff text color so they can see your responses. 9/10 relationships fail if heated emails get sent in the heat of the moment and no one is the winner. Maintain your dignity. Consider a face to face meeting over lunch to resolve the issue?
  2. When a client is behaving illegally, you may be wise to keep all communications via email. This way you can clearly show info to a judge if needed. It’s a good idea to make a folder for these emails for easy access if needed. Take a screenshot if needed. Never fun but you will be glad you did if it comes time to present your side to a mediator or judge.
  3. Sometimes a skype call is what is needed. It is ideal for international meetings and costs nothing!
  4. Leave a positive & encouraging comment on their fb page. Remember if you don’t know what to say, say nothing. Perhaps “I Need some time to construct a constructive answer. You are important to me so I need a day or 2 to respond..”
  5. A wise man once said “A soft answer turns away wrath.”
  6. For goodness sake, don’t rant on Facebook. It will not help you at all. Plus it gives them evidence for public slander. Be cool.


The Copy cat: Sometimes you are working in a team environment, and need certain ppl to simply see the emails you are sending and perhaps notice the hard work you are doing. Cover your back.

  1. If you have to show a third party eg a Boss or manager whats going on in a series of emails. BCC – it stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It means the receiver doesn’t see who else you have BCC’d it to. Can be a great tool if you enter a difficult situation or staff member. It’s usually under the email title area.
  2. Be careful not to send the wrong email to the wrong person!
  3. Remember if relationships end due to a heated response (for whatever reason) it can feel like a real world break up. Because it is! Remember that words have power and just because it’s via a computer it has less of an impact.

I hope you find this helpful.