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This is my own website for showcasing my original music releases. I started this website in 2006, so it’s been around for a while. It has had many makeovers and has yielded hundreds of gigs.

I wanted it to look professional, showcase my best songs, my journey, gig dates and offer my music fans a way to buy physical stock from me directly in the online shop.

The shop has long paid itself off, and the mailing list captures emails into a Mailchimp list making it easy to send out hundreds of emails when I have news or a new music release.

Easy to find social media icons are all linked up on every page so it’s easy to click like or follow, and although many musicians just have Facebook pages, the difference is when you establish your brand and start to charge more for gig fees, there’s a line where Facebook is more ‘social’ than ‘business’ and it holds you back.

I have a covers band called The Satellites, which I have set up as a ghost page, meaning the link isn’t in the main menu, but something I can email to venues and wedding party organisers. It has the setlist, terms and conditions, sound requirements and relevant testimonials all on one page. I chose not to mix up the covers band with my original music since it’s a completely different sound.

Music videos are easily embedded from Youtube which keeps it loading fast, and viewers can easily subscribe. One video has had over 70,000 views. When I apply for festivals and gigs it’s easy to get a sense that I’m passionate, experienced and take my music profession seriously.

Check out the website click here!

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