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How to edit your WordPress website

So you’ve completed your website – congratulations! I’ve done a 1 hour free training session with you and thought it was a good idea to make a post outlining the basics:

Here are 6 simplified steps to help jog your memory and build your confidence.

Firstly log in so you see the dashboard items.

1. Edit page text and links use frontend editor – click on text block pencil icon and edit. Click save then update.

*Remember for any outbound links copy and paste url / edit (select open with a new tab) 

2. Update header imagesEdit page / scroll down to title at bottom where you will see settings to change image etc.

*Best not to adjust image height as it will loose the consistent feel in the design.

3. Add a new blog/post/newsDashboard – All posts, then clone a previous blog. Then re-title it and add new content.

*Make sure the permalink is updated. Update the feature image / tags etc. Click Update to save changes.

4. SEO Yoast is the plugin we are using for Search Engine Optimisation. Find it in edit page, scroll down and complete the meta description and follow the prompts.

*Yoast is a program that helps you fine tune your content so Google can understand it better.

5. Adding an image (or removing) in a gallery is easy. Front end editor, select the section and follow the prompts. Click update to save!

*Remember that better quality images (high resolution) look more professional.

6. Widgets are the columns in the footer section and on the page sidebar / blog sidebar sections. Dashboard / widgets and you can edit in there.

If you get stuck, please reach out to me. I’m here to guide you, but you are self-managing your website.

Please note: I do offer a package deal for $80 + gst per month. Might be something to consider if you are needing extra attention.

Talk to me today to make a plan. Thinking outside the square, being creative and utilising your website will save you money + generate website visitors – which means business and bookings. It does take time.

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