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Wayne Canning has mastered the art of repairing damaged surgical instruments. He’s a brilliant engineer and started out sharpening scissors for his hair salon. Local surgeons told him they needed things sharpened and the rest is history.

He also makes items for Sterilisation and has branched out into many other products that would cost a fortune to buy overseas. He needed a clean looking website that featured all the different products with a specific order number. Clients then order via a custom-designed form on the contact/order page. They must add in certain details like order number etc. As you can imagine tracking these bizarre-looking gadgets requires a numbering system.

Wayne is very busy with orders and is managing his new website well. Occasionally I get an email from him with a question, and often it’s sorted in minutes. I must add I was a little squeamish photographing the instruments as he told me about what they were for!

Checkout the new website click here!

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