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Andy Canning is a down to earth, honest and reliable mechanic. He’s not at all into websites and updating content etc. His focus is on fixing cars and delivering great service. He just wanted something very simple and relies on word of mouth, google reviews, and local networking groups to advertise.

I built him a basic site that ticks all the boxes using, which is a template-based system that is low cost and designed for DIY website owners.

I took some photos of the workshop, staff, and building. Not being a ‘photo kind of guy’, Andy was nervous but after a few laughs, I captured some great pics that show an honest and reliable mechanic who goes out of his way for his customers.

Visit the website click here!

Bryce did a great job, and made the process simple and easy. I’m not good with computers, so he took the lead and we are very happy with the results. Any issues, Bryce is on to it and it’s sorted quickly. Happy to recommend Bryce for any website or photography tasks. Professional attitude and gets things done.” – Andy Canning, Owner of Cerco Automotive



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