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Chris is a local author who needed a website to help promote and sell her new crime novel book. The book also needed a front cover designed so I started there and then created the website to tie in.

The site is mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines.

Chris has been getting pre-orders via the website from people from all over the world. The online shop accepts credit cards and lets buyers select shipping options based on their location.

Now that she has learned to update the site by herself, publishing blogs and editing text is a breeze.

Check out the new website!

“I have just had Bryce develop my new website and I could not be happier with it. Within 12 hours of going live, I had taken my first book orders and received my payments… all as smooth and as easy as possible. Bryce designed my website to my capability and to the functionality I needed, which means I can manage it well and he also created a site that allows me to promote my book, market the outcomes, monitor the trending and in essence, it acts as my front of house. His ongoing support and availability answer any questions only adds value to his skill set. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Chris Stuart

Chris Stuart
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