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Gina is a Professional Supervisor based in Nelson. She helps people achieve their goals – similar to a business coach – but with a few twists. Her website is a platform where she can write blogs about new ideas, different perspectives and shares info about emotional intelligence.

Gina developed a free online e-book about resolving workplace conflict which is set up to trade for an email address. Once visitors enter their email details into the newsletter database, they get emailed a download link. Paperless, automated, and the mailing list grows automatically.

By regularly blogging about her area of expertise not only floods google with great content, but it also helps the writer learn and understand what they do and why they do it with a heightened sense of clarity. It’s a healthy digital strategy that gets authentic site traffic.

The website looks great on all devices and adds a layer of credibility when people google her name.

Check out the finished website!

“Bryce is such a treasure to have on your team as he is always so accommodating and easy to bounce ideas with. His blogging service saves me valuable time with the assurance that the job has been done professionally, on time, every time.” – Gina Munro



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