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The Cutting Bar is a locally owned and operated Hair salon based in Nelson. Just before the Covid lockdown, their existing website started to stop working. Bits were not loading and after it completely collapsed, it was clear a new website build was the only way forwards.

Using the existing logo, I built a mobile-friendly website with an online store that accepts credit card payments. This was a stressful time as the salon had to close due to Covid restrictions. The new website was a game-changer. Loyal customers purchased vouchers and products which almost paid off the website costs alone.

Claire updates the site herself and loves using the website as a tool to send out new info or the latest special deals to her customer database. It’s built on a managed hosting plan, so everything is auto-backed up and always up to date so it’s not going to break anytime soon.

We used the external booking app for bookings, as it was already set up and working great.

Check out the finished website!

“Extremely happy with Bryce’s work. Really easy to work with and very efficient. Thanks Bryce!” – Claire Chicken, Owner of The Cutting Bar

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