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Booking apps

This week we launched a new website for Jo at Mind Body Therapy. We have used a free app called Fresha to manage her bookings. Jo chooses what hours she wants to be available and the clients book in the time slots that work for them.

We use Stripe for online payments when customers order vouchers and packages. It’s a robust system that allows secure and speedy payments from all card merchants. Download the Stripe app on your phone and you can see payments instantly.

Products sold from the website shop are managed by Woo Commerce, and it captures postal addresses, and contact details so you can easily keep track of sales. You can even manage your inventory, add discount codes and more.

I did a photoshoot and set up her new email address. There are many ways to utilise your website to enhance your business. Going online with your business is a smart move.

Any questions? Talk to me today.

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