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Learn about utelising Google Reviews

Google Reviews are a great way to build credibility online. Customers from anywhere in the world know that when they google a business and it has 5 star Google Review ratings and positive comments, it’s a safe bet they will enjoy the experience too.

One thing about Google Reviews you need to know is it’s impossible to edit them. They are customer driven, and if you get a few negative reviews the only way to get them out of sight is to bury them with good reviews.”

Now we all know it’s impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time. There are also people out there who find joy in posting negative reviews – they need to get a life! However it happens.

Sometimes people with an agenda eg like a restaurant who is in competition with another can post a negative review. There’s nothing you can do about this other than do your best to build good relationships and trust with your community and customers. That’s kind of the goal with a successful venture anyway right?

A great tip is when you ask someone to give you a Google Review, ask for a “5 star review” be specific. Some people never give out “5 Stars” for some strange reason – maybe they had a tough teacher at school who only gave out 1 A grade each semester. Who knows?

You should have a visible link with a Google Reviews image on your website that’s easy for customers to leave a review. Think about your friends, business networking group… the more the better. Do the hustle.

Google actually ranks websites who have more reviews in their search algorythm so it’s a good place to spend some time on for your SEO aspect.

Leaving a review is a great way to build rapport with others, you might not have used their services, but a character reference is helpful. You can upload a few great photos to your review, and these can get seen by thousands online.

If you would like help to add a Google Review logo and link to your website I’m happy to help.

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