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Is your website mobile friendly?

The world wide web has been heavily influenced by the use of mobile phone technology. There have been many factors that contribute to this, with user experience and faster internet speeds being the main ones.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly adapting to the latest trends and has prioritised this in it’s latest list of ranking criteria.

Did you know 60% of all websites are viewed on mobile? If a website isn’t optimised for mobile phones it’s going to get left behind in the google search engine and rank other sites nearby instead.

Read more stats click here

The technical word for mobile friendly is “responsive”. Your website is designed to be responsive on all devices, even when tipped to landscape view all the text should line up and have empty space around the edges. Links are visible and easily clicked on, forms are showing the various fields stacked onto of each other in the correct order and more. 2 or 3 scrolls the viewers should find the information they are looking for. Get the idea?

Watch those header sliders…

Something to look out for is header sliders or Rev sliders. They have an image with laters of text overlaying. Check these on your actual mobile device from time to time as they occasionally move and are a major part of your visual real estate on your website (usually the home page)

Rev slider in edit mode

Smush your images occasionally…

Part of making your website mobile friendly is image sizes. There’s also a plugin installed in your WordPress website called Smush. It’s a powerful plugin we use to scan all images on the website and it compresses them and resizes for the various mobile views.

For example: A full width header image measuring 2450 px wide, needs to be reduced to 400px when viewed on mobiles. Smush does this brilliantly and if you go to your dashboard, you’ll find it there. Click the button and see how much quicker your site loads.

Smush screenshot

Remember: If you pay me a monthly fee of $80.50 incl GST I will make sure this is all sorted. Why wouldn’t ya?

There’s never been a better time to get your website running like a ‘machine’ that enhances your business in it’s task of finding new clients.

That’s enough for today, I trust all is well as we head towards the busy season as 2022 winds up. Crazy how fast it’s been going! Or is it just me? Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.

Im only an email away if you need me.


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