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What are keywords?

Have you heard about keywords when marketing your website or products online?

These are the terms that your customers are typing into search engines to find your services or products. Will your competitors pick up the sales lead or will you be the place Google diverts searchers towards?

This all depends on how many times these keywords appear in the text of your website. Google can’t pick up an image unless it has the keyword tagged in the image. Generally speaking, text is how Google does it’s magic and points searchers to your website.

Google advertising specialists will ask you what are the main terms your customers will type into google. This is how they start their campaign, and target individuals that meet the customer demographic.

Next time you are posting a new blog, or announcing a new service make sure the keyword is clearly in the text and spelt correctly.

Use this website to find keywords.

Popular Keywords – eg Photography Keywords

  • photograph. 673000 (searches)
  • headshot. 450000 (searches)
  • portrait. 301000 (searches)
  • photo studio. 246000 (searches)
  • stock photos. 201000 (searches)
  • photo printing. 165000 (searches)
  • wedding photography. 135000 (searches)
  • photo gallery. 135000 (searches)

Get the idea? Get in touch if you have any questions about this.

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