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Happy new year and enjoy some cool marketing tips

It’s been a challenging year for many of you and I salute you all for keeping up your internet presence. I wanted to encourage you that investing in your google/online presence is very important as that’s where we are heading in 2023. Customers are googling now more than ever. How do you want to come across? Are you up to date?

I want to introduce you to my friend Helena. She is a marketing expert and really knows her stuff when it comes to producing great content and quality sales techniques online.

Read her blog here!

Reflect on this as you recover, rest, regroup for 2023. It is great advice. Please feel free to reach out to her directly.

It’s my passion to help educate you on how to utilise your online presence and become profitable. You have the infrastructure in place because you have a great website.

Latest websites.

  1. Andy Tiler – One pager website
  2. Inspiration Fitness – Full website with user logins. My sisters business!

Websites need to be tweaked and adjusted to become more affective. How is your sales funnel looking? Is your website enhancing your branding messages? Is it working FOR you? Is there a clear call to action? What page is getting the most traffic?

Any questions please let me know. Or get in touch with Helena direct.

Here’s a fun music project I was involved in making with The Breeze Fm radio station. Don’t we live in paradise? Know I’m only an email away anytime!

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