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What is a landing page? How can this benefit the marketing off my website or business?

Learn all about landing pages and how they work. Your website marketing strategy is important concept to get your head around so you can grow your business online. Web traffic won’t just happen as soon as you go live. Web traffic needs some direction.

We have all seen Facebook ads for landing pages. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website page that has a specific call to action or has information that is targeted to the people who are seeing it.

The landing page can be any page on your website or a completely new page designed for the sole purpose of generating leads, getting a database of contact details, pre orders or whatever you desire.

Check out an example I did for a client recently:

Jo is engaging with a local Google advertising expert to promote her services a selected demographic in the local region. We modified the contact page to suit the focused advertising campaign. A well designed ad with image is going to get placed in Messenger chat, NZ Stuff website, Facebook and more places that local viewers who have searched the specified key words in google can see.

The landing page is the contact page of her website, so she can follow up on leads. Clever and simple! It has all the info, and a clear call to action. It’s the way to go!

Question: What page on your website could you use as a landing page to focus your marketing towards?

Have a think and get in touch today and I can make it happen.

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