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Event photography

When capturing an event on camera it is important to consider what the client wants to achieve and use the images for. Recently I filmed and photographed stills to cover a local Womens Inspirational talking event called Her Story.

By capturing hundreds of faces entering the venue, the sunshine beaming thru the coloured glass windows, it tells the story about the energy of the room. The anticipation and emotions attached with the buzz of the event. Stills of women (and a few men) actively listening to the various speakers, soaking up the life changing info.

The speakers were photographed using 2 different cameras, and from different angles giving us plenty of variety of angles and light sources.

People love to see images of themselves, and it’s a marketing dream when the client shares them on facebook and tags individuals into the post. It gets huge reach and engagement. Positively reinforcing great memories of the evening.

I avoid using a flash at all times, and use natural light as much as possible. I understand that many people feel uneasy when someone points a camera at them. The key is to be fun, friendly and fast. I carry 2 cameras – Sony 6300 on an image stabiliser for video and a Canon 600D for stills – set to manual focus.

Images from the video can be captured as stills and then photoshopped to lighten, or darken certain areas. I do an additional crop to make sure there is no wasted space or un needed info in the image. In some instances the background can be blurred slightly to help pull the focus to the subject.

Enjoy some images below. Typically I would take about 150 images at an event like this, and edit it down to the top 80 in hi-res format. If you need professional images of an event contact us today.

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