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How do I publish a Podcast on my website?

Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge, passion and feed the internet with great content that will generate interest in your product or service.

Text blogs require the reader to sit and focus 100% on the screen, where this may be the preferred method for some, others on the fly can click on an audio podcast and listen to you speak while they do other tasks.

Think of it like your very own radio broadcast channel. Listeners can easily follow you and share your message.

To make a great podcast, you should prepare your content. Some can wing it. Some TRY to wing it and fill the space with um’s and ah’s and wonder why there is low engagement.

Handy tip: Type it out and practice it.

You can use your mobile phone to record the audio. Make sure it’s in an echo-free room with minimal road noise. These things can be distracting and come across as unprofessional.

Once you are happy with your spoken-word piece. You can enhance it in an audio editing program, eg remove any low hum frequencies, trim the intro and outro section, and edit any unwanted parts.

Create a free Soundcloud account.

Upload your mp3 file and set the title, category, tags, description, and image. Then click share. There will be a link generated for the podcast which you copy and paste into the new blog post on your website.

For WordPress, there’s a dedicated item in the blog editor for Soundcloud. Paste the link in there and type a short intro blurb about it. Add a featured image and remember to click publish. Here’s Gaels Podcast. Click on the image to see it on her website.

Any questions or comments? Love to hear from you. Click HERE

Email me if you have any questions or comments. I offer an affordable service to publish, edit and enhance Audio Podcasts so you can focus on the task of generating great content and let me make it look nice, be mobile phone friendly, and tagged correctly.

Any questions or comments? Love to hear from you. Click HERE

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