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Camara Tips

How to take better photos?

Capturing a great pic isn’t about having the most expensive camera. It’s what you decide to capture, the moment, the subject, the context to name a few.

Here are 4 simple rules that will help an enthusiastic Instagram-er, Facebook-er or free spirited traveler take more interesting photos.

  1. Cropping. Think about what you want to include in the frame. Is there a flag pole on the edge of the pic that has nothing to do with the subject? If so crop it out. Think landscape or portrait. If you are posting to Instagram, remember it is square, so make sure you have that in mind when shooting.
  2. Rule of Thirds. Generally our eye is pleased if the elements in a pic are set out in thirds both vertically and horizontally. Halves, just look odd and not every situation suits this rule, it is good practice to be aware of before you push the button. Is the Horizon level? Sometimes you can do a quick sketch on your note pad to show what the pic might look like as if it were an abstract painting.
  3. Contrast. Think about the colours and what is behind the subject. Does the background enhance the subject? Or does it distract? We live in an era where we can edit the contrast after the pic has been taken, but keep this in the back of your mind before you take the shot. It will save you editing time.
  4. Context. Is the subject looking at the camera? If so it can feel like the subject is looking at the viewer when displayed. Context is more about what’s happening around the image, where it was taken, when it was taken, and why it was taken. All very deep, but relevant ideas that run thru the minds of great photographers alike.

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