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The new online marketing environment -explained in simple terms

We are living in a fast-paced world. The globally most common trading commodity is information. That’s what the internet is really all about. Sharing information.

To understand my point we need to wind back the clock to 4000 years ago. (stay with me)

Early humans wandered the globe in bands. Commonly called Hunter-gatherers. As they learned to cooperate with other groups to gather greater amounts of food, it quickly came to light that different groups had unique talents.

One group was more successful at farming, another group was better at hunting, and so on…

Let’s trade some fruit for some animal skins… and here’s where trading likely began.

Yuval Harari – Authour of the best selling book Sapiens.

The dilemma they had to overcome was that some products don’t last as long as others. For example: How many apples will you trade for a sheepskin rug? Some items were more valuable than others.

Some groups became famous for making the best quality shoes, so they charged more because they lasted longer.

We are trading information now. It is being consumed very quickly.

Rich Schefren – Strategic Profits Expert

Did you know that Netflix allows viewers to watch movies at 1.5 x speed?

We are getting really good at multitasking when online. Ever watched a teenager play on a tablet while they Snapchat, play Minecraft, and learn how to use the latest app they just downloaded for free?

Attention Scarcity is the struggle we face as online traders of information. Will someone even read what Im writing here? If it doesn’t hit the mark quickly one click of the mouse and they’re gone.

From a web designer’s perspective, I see it crucial that the key messages are clear and compelling. Good quality content is factored into the Google algorithm. What are your clients wanting to know?

Here are a few examples of key messages: Price? Range of products? Quality of service? Qualifications? Expert? Location/proximity? Brand philosophy, Environmental philosophy, Here’s why my product or service will save you money or make you money, and so on…

We need to capture attention and ensure the key messages are attractive to your customers.

The Power of Data. What is it and why is this the current trend?

The Funnel concept

You would have heard of the term Sales Funnel? We see it promoted by sales experts around the world. Every interaction you make online can be captured by companies like Google and they sell this data eg what time you are online most often, what your interests are, what type of following you have on social media.

They use this to suggest products you might like to buy.

It is important to know if you are logged into a website, eg Google (Gmail) or similar that can track more information about your online habits, preferences, demographics and more.

For example Type (Local gyms) into a Google search engine. You might even be interested to join up sometime soon?

Next, you log in to your Instagram and there’s an advertisement for a Gym. You check your Facebook messages, and there’s an ad for a different local gym and so on. This is the power of data.”

Bryce Wastney – Director of Astonish Me Creative

Sometimes it is so powerful you can have products suggested without even searching for them intentionally. You think “Gosh I always wanted one of those” How did they know? They collected data from things you liked and disliked on social media, sites you visited, etc.

This is where it’s all heading. AI (Artificial Intelligence) learns quickly and it works. Feeding this information to millions of users (The Funnel), you add the product (The water) and clip the ticket at the end.

The Funnel feeds in your targeted ideal clients by allowing you to receive the payment and convert your product into sales. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

I will stop there but I hope you find this beneficial and my summaries are easy to understand.

Please reach out if you have any comments, ideas or questions. Email me click HERE

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