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This is why we use managed hosting with approved plugins…

700,000 wordpress websites got hacked this week due to a security vulnerability to a popular file manager plugin. This is easily avoided by using our managed hosting plan.

Plugins are small programs that are designed to work in WordPress to do specific tasks eg Make a form, make an image fade when scrolled, manage SEO tasks, build a header with moving text etc.. you get the drift?

Instead of building the website by randomly selecting plugins that are popular but have not been tested, it can spell disaster.

“How can a webdesigner possibly know if a plugin made by a stranger is going to slow down the website, or even worse open up a critical back door? Answer: They don’t.”

Know that with a managed website hosting plan, ALL the plugins that run the site are tested and optimised to the particular server type we use (by the guy that built the server – Slightly Different Ltd) They are trusted, well maintained and only add to the sites performance and functionality. Visit the Slightly Different Ltd website.

Also did you know that each website is isolated in a container, which means if one goes down it is fully isolated and backed up daily. The problem with some cheap hosting plans (we see them advertising on social media everywhere) your website is attached to all the others, and if they go down – so does yours.

The plugins we use are always up to date and feature high quality pro versions. eg not free versions with bits missing which is popular with webdesigners who want to maximise their profit margins!

Read all about the hack in the WordPress blog HERE

Email us today if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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