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Using the blog on your website to drive traffic.

The blog feature on your WordPress website is where you post new information. Info like your about us section and staff bios are considered evergreen content. This means you don’t need to constantly update it. Maybe once a year.

New info these days quickly becomes old info. Especially in the political arena! If you have an event announcement, add it to your blog post. Once you are happy with the way it reads and looks etc, you can publish it and share the link to the post on your social media to draw ppl into your website. Promote that link. Copy and paste it from the browser when it has been published.

A News post or a Blog post is actually the same thing. Some websites we call it news because it’s more appropriate. Sometimes we call it a Blog because it feels more personal. The Blog feature is your stage!

  1. Every time someone visits your website on a device, it remembers it so it loads super fast the next time they view it.
  2. It also tells Google you have activity and ppl are visiting your website, so it lifts you up the rankings.
  3. It will impress anyone who visits because not everyone has their own website. I mean Facebook is free and full of distractions. It’s like inviting ppl into your showroom.

Think of it as a radio station. If you don’t broadcast regular new info, why should ppl visit your website? I know if I visit a website and the last time they posted news or a blog at it says “2017” I’m thinking “I’ll go elsewhere… it’s probably a dead space.” How can I trust the business is even still running if it’s been sitting there dormant for 3 years?

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