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What does “Going Viral” actually mean?

We’ve heard the term “Going Viral”. What does this actually mean? and how can we utilise our website to make the most out of this event?

Here’s an easy way to understand it. Going Viral is “Scratching the Itch”

If you have some info or content that “scratches an itch” or answers a common problem, it will literally snowball. Im talking thousands of likes, shares, comments etc.

If a video, image, or story goes viral, it spreads quickly and widely on the internet through social media and email. Their amazing video of the project has now gone viral with millions of views.

Collins Dictionary

It might be a snappy video, a sharp price, a Facebook post… get the idea?

The idea that it becomes a “hit” isn’t an accident, and although sometimes it does happen, you are wise to make sure your website is already set up to automate any traffic surge to a specific call to action (CTA). This could be a subscribe button, a contact form, a discount code or a link to your online shop product. Think if 1 million people visited my website, how could I maximise this event? How could I gather their info for marketing / special offers? Are my customers in Nelson, Auckland, Wellington, International?

The “Itch” is the “problem” eg what are people looking for.

The “Scratch” is the solution that you are offering.

THINK CREATIVELY. Think about what your clients are looking for? What are they typing into Google?

Plan your blog posts around this and you will enjoy a surge in organic traffic and leads. No printing posters, just smart skills on the website. Google grips useful content and bam… maybe you could go viral in 2022?

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