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What is the most important content to have on your website?

We know the latest Google search algorithm is geared to promote websites that posts authoritative, credible and helpful information. If it’s old knowledge it will be unpopular and as a result, it will be automatically pushed back down the rankings.

Question: Have you ever found what you were looking for on the 6th page in Google search?

Hardly ever I bet…

Something to remember is that people “search” for things on google. It’s even popular with the oldies! With fuel prices on the rise, driving around town looking for something is hard work and expensive. A quick google can save so much time. Do you want to make the most of this?

Your website should clearly show what products or services you are selling and be in a prominent place on the home page. A photo is worth a thousand words, so use images to describe what you want to get across.

Another thing that is often overlooked is your address, and contact details. This shows that you are local and adds a layer of credibility.

I like to eat. So does Google. (E.A.T)

Your content needs to portray the following:

Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness

Question: Have you ever visited a website and found what you were looking for, but discovered it was in a different country?

Such a pain… and a waste of energy

With the recent international Covid challenges and shipping backlogs, you could be months away from getting your order. It pays to check your website has this information and that the contact form is working. Sometimes (rarely) with regular Worpress updates, all it takes is a piece of code to get broken and the form doesn’t work… so send an email to yourself to be sure. It’s a vital link in the sales chain. Test it on your laptop and your mobile device.

Question: Have you ever had someone visit your shop and say the price on the website is cheaper?

This simple admin task could cost you hundreds of dollars.

It pays to keep your prices up to date. If a customer refers to the website price (by law) you have to accept that price. Even if the price is outdated. Such a simple mistake can cost you hundreds of dollars.

So, I hope this is helpful and you learnt something new. Visit your website with this in mind and check it. I offer a free website evaluation and appraisal. I also offer a sweet package deal for monthly updates, tweaks and blogs.

Contact me if you would like to know more or have any comments or questions!

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