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How to write good content

Your website needs good text content. You can pay for someone to research your business and write it for you (and pay the bill) or do it yourself. After all no one knows your business better than you. As your…

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Using the blog on your website to drive traffic.

The blog feature on your WordPress website is where you post new information. Info like your about us section and staff bios are considered evergreen content. This means you don't need to constantly update it. Maybe once a year. New…

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How to utilise your website

Here's a great example of how to use your website to generate revenue. Your knowledge is your product. How do customers purchase your knowledge that took many years to learn? It may seem impossible without doing a face to face…

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A good website needs good Photography

Need some quality images for your website? Or for Facebook, LinkedIn etc? I prefer to shoot with my Canon DSLR and use natural lighting to keep it feeling natural and human. Here's some images from a recent shoot with Sally…

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The power and purpose of blogging

Blogging regularly is how we tell Google that the site is active, up to date, and searchable online. It's is part of the site owner's job to upload content relevant to the website. A bit like what I am doing…

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Event photography

When capturing an event on camera it is important to consider what the client wants to achieve and use the images for. Recently I filmed and photographed stills to cover a local Womens Inspirational talking event called Her Story. By…

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Instagram Logo


Instagram is fast becoming a favourite for the online community. It will pass 1 Billion users near the end of 2018. It's like Facebook however you can only upload via your phone. It also allows 1 min videos to appear…

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